Shearling Coats

Shearling coats are made of sheepskin. Sheepskin has the function of a natural thermostat. It allows air to circulate throughout the fibres of the wool meaning that sheepskin, in its most natural state, will regulate your body’s own temperature. The natural material will keep yu warm, but never too warm. Our sheepskin materials are 100% a bi-product from the food industry. If these skins are not upcycled into sheepskin or leather products they would have to go into landfill. Or worse, burnt

This silky angora shearling is the perfect fit for active people. Wear your coat everyday with every outfit. The natural materials will keep you warm on cold days and regulate temperature on milder days. Once you have experienced the comfort and softness it is all you want to wear. And you never have to worry about the rain. A sheepskin is easy to care for. Your will look beautiful, whilst quietly saying good taste and luxury.

Deep pockets and  a long loose collar make the fit complete. Take a look in our online webshop under Lammy.  The dutch use the name Lammy, a pet name for " Little Lamb" for shearling and lambskin coats.

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